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The Council of Ambulace Authorities (CAA)

Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea collectively have a paramedic workforce of more than 17,000 supported by more than 11,000 trained volunteer first responders. 

The Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA) represents the eleven statutory ambulance services across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, which employ these paramedics who are sought after across the world for their clinical skills, knowledge and experience. 

Equally, the expert workforce from call takers and researchers, fleet supervisors to strategic business analysts, contribute to the delivery of an unrivalled service to foster and build the health and wellbeing of Australian, New Zealander and Papua New Guinea communities in cities, towns and isolated remote regions.

CAA represents a unified voice for the pre-hospital sector working to respond to changing community needs with patient-centred practices. 

Ambulance service representatives on three committees, four forums and eight working groups contribute to CAA’s focus on evidence-based initiatives and projects designed to keep ambulance services at the forefront of paramedicine. 

CAA’s national events and representations in international forums build on strategic relationships with government and agencies to help address challenges and deliver optimum services. 

The Chief Executive Officer reports to the Board comprising of chief executives from each service.

Our work in the pre-hospital sector seeks to build on the strengths of ambulance services, address their challenges and promote the unique role they play in the health and wellbeing of all communities to governments, agencies and the public.