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Research plays a vital role in the work of the CAA. It assists us to understand, forecast, adapt and respond to the challenges our sector faces - whether it be proposed changes in policy, new technologies and workforce practices or health and disease patterns and population changes.


The Council of Ambulance Authorities frequently prepares submissions on issues affecting or relating to paramedicine and ambulance services to inform government.

You can access recent documents through the links below:

AEDs in the Community Position Statement
National Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategic Framework May 2011
Submission on Review of the Ambulance Services Act 1982
Submission on Legislative support for Healthcare Identifiers 2009
Aus AID Submission Dec 2009
CAA Submission Access Card
CAA Submission Review RoGS July
Comment on Exposure Draft Healthcare Identifiers Bill 2010
Regulation of Unregistered Health Practitioners April 2011
Health Services and Medical Professionals in Rural Areas Dec 2011
Submission on Regulation of Paramedics
Activity Based Funding for Australian Public Hospitals
CAA Occupational Violence Position Statement
Policy Statement Cross-border Operational Issues CAA

View extra infomation in relation to the policies here:
Occupational Violence in the Workplace - Position Statement
Links to campaigns in NSW, Queensland and South Australia:
Ambulance NSW anti violence campaign
QAS – Assault isn’t part of the job. It’s a crime. Video
SAAS – Keep your hands off our Ambos! Video


The following Standards are available here to download:

NZ Standards
AMPLANZ Part 1 NOV 2016
AMPLANZ Part 2 NOV 2016
AMPLANZ Part 3 NOV 2016
AMPLANZ Part 4 NOV 2016

AMPLANZ Air Ambulance
Air Standard V2.0 2013

The CAA is currently working collaboratively with its Australian based members to develop National Standards.

Paramedic Registration

Paramedicine Board of Australia

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) - Bulletin 1

Paramedic Registration Bulletin No 4
Paramedic Registration Bulletin No 3
Paramedic Registration Bulletin No 2
Paramedic Registration Bulletin No 1

Health & Wellbeing

CAA Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy – A Resilient Workforce