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Women in Ambulance


2022 CAA Women in Leadership Scholarship


2022 CAA Women in Leadership Scholarship Winner 

Congratulations to Marinda Thomas our 2022 CAA Women in Leadership Scholarship Winner.

The Women in Leadership scholarship aims to encourage more women to step into leadership roles and to support the further development of current women leaders in the Ambulance services sector. 

This scholarship was kindly donated by Julie Piantadosi from Total Coaching Academy.



CAA Women in Ambulance Awards


In 2020 the Council of Ambulance Authorities was proud to launch the inaugural Women in Ambulance campaign designed to highlight successful and hardworking women in ambulance services across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The CAA Women in Ambulance campaign is looking to empower and inspire future generations of women to step into ambulance careers and progress into leadership roles and management levels. 


2023 CAA Women in Ambulance Awards

Nominations for the 2023 CAA Women in Ambulance Awards open Tuesday November 1st.

Please get in contact with your respective service if you have a woman you would like to nominate. 


Key Dates

November 1st 2022 - Nominations Open

December 20th 2022 - Nominations Close

March 8th 2023 - Honour Recipients announced via CAA channels


2022 CAA Women In Ambulance 


2022 CAA Women in Ambulance Awards

This year the CAA Women in Ambulance campaign recognises 56 women who have been awarded the CAA Women in Ambulance Honour for their work and career progression and are being championed as role models to the rest of the workforce.

Congratulations to all our honour recipients and thank you for everything you do. 

Please see below the full list of our 2022 Honour Recipients. 


2022 CAA Women In Ambulance Honour Recipients


NSW Ambulance

Haley Mestroni

Acting Program Office Manager

Time in service: 14 years

Biography: Haley is a career registered paramedic who has significant experience in pre-hospital care, major incident management, leadership, ambulance and aeromedical operations, interprofessional practice, project management and policy writing.

She has driven many projects which have improved patient, staff and financial outcomes. She has undertaken numerous roles within NSW Ambulance including Station Officer, Duty Aeromedical Manager, Acting Zone Manager, Acting Executive Officer and is now working on the State Operations Relocation Project as the Acting Program Office Manager.

Career Highlights: Haley was the driving force behind the Innovation Award for the Best Small Facility Award for Paramedic Connect during her appointment as the Station Officer at Coolah.

In 2020, Haley was appointed as the Acting Executive Officer assigned to the Finance and Corporate Services Directorate. She quickly showed her aptitude for using technology and her street smarts to bring control and discipline to the Directorate’s high profile and time sensitive tasks. It was Haley’s work in the preparation and submission of Budget Proposals to NSW Health and NSW Treasury between January and June 2021 where her efforts played an enormous part in NSW Ambulance achieving an unprecedented capital budget outcome.

Haley was a key player in the proposals for the State Operations Centre Relocation, the upgrading of the Aeromedical Fleet to include jet aircraft for the first time, the implementation of Regional Intensive Care Paramedics, and the funding of substantial equipment purchases for NSW Ambulance. In particular, she worked extensively on the clinical and financial arguments necessary to achieve NSW Health funding for over 400 mechanical CPR devices for use across NSW.

Katherine Andrews

Project Manager CREWs/VERITAS, Clinical Operations

Time in service: 13 years

Biography: Kat has been working in various operational capacities at NSW Ambulance in both Sydney Metro and Regional NSW since 2007. Over the past four years, she has been involved in two state-wide initiatives including the introduction of the Patient Safety and Distribution Unit and her most recent role as CREWs/VERITAS Manager.

Kat is passionate about streamlining processes and improving technology systems across the organisation whilst imparting knowledge and supporting the development of her colleagues. Kat is also a mother of two boys and believes being successful in her chosen career path whilst raising a family, drives her to be a strong advocate and support for her fellow colleagues who are also trying to find the balance between career and family.

Career Highlights: Kat joined NSW Ambulance in 2007 and following her probationary period in Sydney Metro returned to her home community in rural NSW. Over a period of eight years, she was stationed at Warialda, Moree and Mungindi, before transferring to Katoomba Station in the Blue Mountains in 2015. She became the Duty Operations Officer for the Patient Safety and Distribution Unit in 2018, the Acting Executive Staff Office – Clinical Operations and the CREWs/VERITAS Manager – Clinical Operations in 2020.

Kay Armstrong

Duty Operations Manager- Haberfield Super Station, Clinical Operations

Time in service: 27 years

Biography: Kay has been working for NSW Ambulance for over 27 years.  She started in 1994 as a trainee  Ambulance Officer, before qualifying as a Paramedic and then an Intensive Care Paramedic in 2008. Kay has worked in and across many stations in the west, north and central Sydney and has had an incredibly positive influence on the hundreds if not thousands of Paramedics privileged to work alongside her over  the years. Kay has mentored and developed countless new Paramedics and Intensive Care Paramedics, always demonstrating and inspiring the highest standards of safety, professionalism, and clinical excellence. Kay has progressed through management, from a Station Officer to her current position as a Duty Operations Manager based at Haberfield Superstation. Kay oversees a station of over 150 paramedics and knows every single one of her team members. As a Peer Support Officer, she not only provides guidance, leadership, and clinical support, but delivers a never-ending level of care, emotional intellect, and genuine empathy to all staff of NSW Ambulance.

Career Highlights: Kay has received recognition as the Employee of the Month in January 2020, for her invaluable commitment to peer support, compassion, empathy and understanding of all NSW Ambulance employees during times of critical or personal stresses.

Kay is a regular representative on news media, such as news feeds, Weekend Today and a variety of other platforms and outlets. Kay always conveys a very well-articulated and highly professional image for NSW Ambulance and its staff.

Kay is a member of the Clinical Excellence Committee, which is aimed at disseminating clinical information, reviewing clinical performance, ensuring safe and clinical care is core practice, developing and driving new initiatives and improving clinical practices into the future.

Melissa Willis

Business Engagement Lead

Time in service: 22 Years

Biography: Growing up in an Ambulance family, Mel was always destined to follow in her father’s footsteps. Her father Dennis had a long, distinguished career with NSW Ambulance that would see him rise through the ranks ultimately retiring as a Divisional Manager Western Division. As a result, she spent much of her childhood and teenage years doing what Ambulance “brats” do, moving from town to town, spending time at and often living “on station”.

After settling in Newcastle, Mel held multiple jobs in a number of different industries, none of which proved to be her passion. That was until a family friend and the then Northern Control Centre Manager suggested she apply for a Call Taker role with NSW Ambulance. Upon successful appointment to the role, Mel worked at Sydney Control Centre commuting between Sydney and Newcastle for shifts until she was successful in transferring to Northern Control Centre. Since then, like her father, Mel has progressed through the ranks and achieved significant success in both operational and non-clinical roles within the organisation for the past 22 years.

Career Highlights: Mel joined NSW Ambulance as a Call Taker in 1999, then progressed to the role of Dispatcher becoming one of the first non-clinical Dispatchers in NSW Ambulance history and a pioneer to the cohort of non- clinical Control Centre staff that would follow. After several years Mel took up a role at the newly established Control Divisional Office where she would assist in instituting roles such as Operational Support and Projects / Governance Manager. During this time Mel was pivotal in the establishment of the initial governance process for Control Centres including the foundation on which Control Centre Polices & Procedures continue today. Mel was also involved in several Control Centre projects including CADIUP and the initial go-live of VisiCAD. While working at Control Division, Mel completed several university degrees in Business Management & Project Management, ultimately resulting in her heading the NSW Ambulance Project Management Office (PMO). For the past few years Mel has been seconded to the CAD Upgrade Project where she has led a small team in advocating on behalf of NSW Ambulance. Mel has also been a dedicated Peer Support Officer for many years.

Raelene Hartman

Chief Psychologist

Time in service: 4 years

Biography: Raelene joined NSW Ambulance as the Chief Psychologist in February 2018. She has 27 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist and has consulted across community mental health, inpatient psychiatry, private practice, and workplace settings. She has worked extensively in the areas of trauma, employee support, management coaching, mental health promotion, organisational consulting, and risk management across a diverse range of industry sectors. She has held senior positions providing advice and clinical support to workplaces including Manager Staff Support Programs for NSW Corrective Services, Deputy Director Centre of Excellence for Health Mind at the Singapore Health Promotion Board, and Manager Organisational Advisory Services with Benestar. Raelene's dedication to developing and delivering best practice mental health initiatives to support NSW Ambulance staff is unmatched. She has built a team of senior staff psychologists that meets the needs of the organisation, and ensures that the Staff Psychology Service delivers evidence-based quality care by incorporating professional development as a core foundation of practice, and actively seeks feedback for service improvement.

Career Highlights: Raelene consistently demonstrates that she genuinely cares about staff. She maintains strong relationships throughout the organisation that enhance the accessibility of Staff Psychology Services throughout NSW Ambulance. Specific examples where Raelene has gone above and beyond include: (1) Developing the State Ambulance Recovery (SARC) Support Resource tool kit during the 2019/20 Bushfires (2) Development of Staff Psychology Service guidelines and framework (3) Development of numerous support plans in collaboration with local management following significant events across the state (including staff deaths, and natural disasters) (4) Development and roll out of an internal well check model (5) Representing NSW Ambulance at the Global Paramedic Leadership Alliance Mental Health Summit in 2019 (6) Along with Jane Maher, supporting the people and emergency services in Christchurch after the terrorist attack in 2019. 

Vicki Castle

Station Manager, Helicopter Deployment Officer, Aeromedical Operations

Time in service: 16 years

Biography: Vicki has been a paramedic and member of NSW Ambulance since 2005. During this time she has worked as an operational paramedic, District Manager and Station Manager. Vicki is currently the Deployment Officer for NSW Ambulance Helicopter Operations. In this capacity, Vicki is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and operational governance of service delivery rosters for all helicopter paramedics, helicopter doctors and road retrieval paramedics to ensure that critical medical care is provided to the sickest patients across NSW from eight helicopter bases.

Career Highlights: Vicki is the first Deployment Officer for NSW Ambulance Helicopter Operations, bringing critical whole of organisation approaches to helicopter rostering. Vicki has brought consistency and standardisation to the role, managing extremely intricate staffing models within a complex aviation regulatory framework to assure efficiency and cost effectiveness in the delivery of patient care models across the state.

Vicki’s sound judgement and reliable approach has made her and indispensable part of the Helicopter Leadership Team.



Ambulance Victoria

Anna Devereux

Senior People Partner

Time in service: 5 years

Biography: As a Senior People Partner, Anna partners with and supports a diverse range of Ambulance Victoria’s (AV) managers, both from the operational and corporate workforce.

With over 20 years’ experience, she provides managers with strategic advice on complex people issues, supporting them to mitigate and reduce risk within the workplace. Anna brings to AV a wealth of experience across the employee lifecycle, including workplace rehabilitation, workplace health and safety, employee wellbeing and the full range of HR practices and processes.

Anna is a passionate mentor and leader, guiding and leading her team and proving support to the managers in her remit and beyond. She has worked to improve HR practices and procedures, influencing change and guiding the organisation through structural and cultural change.

Anna is a strong communicator, providing a comprehensive and structured framework to support her managers and team.

Career Highlights:

  • Guiding and supporting managers through significant organisational
  • Influencing the way HR is viewed in
  • Nurturing AV managers and future leaders to feel comfortable to manage their people within the AV policy framework, providing a safe space to explore and develop their confidence and
  • Influencing AV managers to take a wellbeing approach to people
  • Advocating for an individual, tailored approach to HR – there is no single approach that works for everyone, each manager is different, and each people strategy is
  • Promoting consistency and providing tools, skills and a supportive framework to help managers navigate the complexities of their people and support paramedics to deliver best care to
  • Being present at a time when managers need the support from the HR
  • Mentoring managers on complex people issues and developing their professional skills

Bronwyn Lambert

MICA Paramedic Educator Mildura Branch

Time in service: 15 years

Biography: Bron is a busy mum of two boys – Blake (13) and Logan (10). She shares her time between home and work, but her husband Ryan would say she is a workaholic and is at work much more.

Bron has worked in Loddon Mallee for 15 years, starting at Irymple branch before moving to Mildura branch in 2012.

She works mostly on the Mildura MICA team alternating between the SRU and MICA unit if instructing a MICA student. At the branch, you can usually find her in her Paramedic Educator office auditing case sheets, debriefing jobs with crews, or encouraging others to join in on her scenarios.

When not at work, Bron loves running and uses this as great way to relieve stress when she needs. Other hobbies include cooking, shopping, organising holidays and spending time with her family.

Bron has a passion for education and often facilitates AV’s continuing education programs. She really enjoys being part of the Loddon Mallee Cardiac Arrest Working Group and the AV MICA reference group. She thrives on being busy, loves to promote MICA for career progression for other females, and is excited to see what is next for her in AV.

Career Highlights:

  • Gaining the Paramedic Educator position in Mildura (2012).
  • Assessing graduates at their End of Program assessment day at Brady Street (2012-2016).
  • Becoming a MICA paramedic and being the only female MICA paramedic in the area (2015).
  • Being a facilitator and subject matter expert in the ALS PHT pilot program in
  • Receiving the Regional Director’s Award in the Loddon Mallee Staff Service Awards in
  • Developing a structured case audit program for paramedic educators to use and sharing with all of Loddon Mallee region with implementation from a number of
  • Becoming a MICA clinical instructor and working with friends who have been work colleagues for many years as they embark on their MICA student phase (2019).
  • Thrombolysing a patient from Robinvale who was having a STEMI and travelling with the patient in the air ambulance to Melbourne as no MICA Flight Paramedics were
  • Upward relieving as Clinical Support Officer in Loddon 3 during 2019-2021.

Debbie Ray

Area Manager- Gippsland 3

Time in service: 22 years

Biography: After working as a journalist and editor of a small country newspaper for eight years, in 2000 Debbie joined Ambulance Victoria (then Rural Ambulance Victoria) as a student paramedic.

Shortly after, Debbie was offered a six-month secondment to the Senior Operations Officer Logistics role in Bairnsdale.

In 2007, Debbie was appointed East Gippsland Group Manager, one of two incumbent female Group Managers appointed at that time.

Debbie is presently Area Manager in Gippsland 3, covering around 32,000 square kilometres with 264 staff in 15 branches and 5 Bush Nursing Centres with Remote Area Nurses who respond for AV. There are also three Paramedic Community Support Coordinators in the more isolated areas. Many of the more than 13,000 cases cared for each year are in remote and logistically challenging environments.

The management ratio of men to women in Gippsland 3 is a balanced 50 per cent, something which Debbie is very proud of as she is passionate about supporting women to step up into management roles and to succeed, while assisting them to manage their work/life balance and family commitments.

Career Highlights: 

  • Being one of the first female managers in Rural Ambulance Victoria and the only female rural Group Manager for 13
  • Being the Area Manager for the Wellington and East Gippsland districts for the past 17
  • Working with and developing an impressive leadership team in the Gippsland 3 ASA, of which 50 per cent are They are a formidable team who are passionate about what they do and prepared to go way past the norm to make things happen. They regularly and continuously rise to the challenges that are thrown their way. Working with them has been a privilege.
  • The 2019/2020 Black Summer fires, which saw everyone rise to the challenge and work as a cohesive team to support the staff and community during this challenging
  • Being an ardent supporter of the East Gippsland Aboriginal Community, fostering the development of Victoria’s pilot Indigenous First Responder Team – Bung Yarnda – and supporting the first Aboriginal Cadet Program, which saw the recruitment of two female Indigenous paramedic students via sponsored degree Both women have gone on to become qualified paramedics and mentors in their own communities.

Eileen Craven

Project Manager ICT

Time in service: 20 years

Biography: Eileen started working with Ambulance Victoria in March 2001 in Fleet Services, from where she seconded to Information Communications & Technology (ICT) for the implementation of the MatMan Fleet Management System, which is still in use today.

Eileen completed an Advanced Diploma in Project Management, just in time to work on the rural implementation of VACIS. It was a two-year project that provided a unique learning experience and the opportunity to stay on in ICT.

In 2010, Eileen was part of the team that transitioned the Rural Operations Centres to the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA). Something Eileen won’t forget is the night of cutover, sitting with the team at ESTA at 3am waiting for that first call.

More recently, Eileen has been working on COVID surge initiatives with a team which, she recognises, never loses sight of difference these projects make to our paramedics and the community.

Career Highlights:

  • Successful development and delivery of GoodSAM – Community Responder Program, and the recipient of several
  • Medication Safe Management – looking after the wellbeing of our operation
  • Transport Invoice Web Portal – providing a better customer Working with a team over four different time zones and the first project delivered under COVID restrictions, including working from home.
  • Implementation of AV’s mobile Learning Hub – providing a better learning experience for
  • COVID surge initiatives – providing better data for decision making that supports our

Lindsay Mackay

(Acting) Executive Director, Operational Communications- (Incumbent) Director Operational Triage Services)

Time in service: 15 years

Biography: Lindsay has over 15 years’ experience working in ambulance services across the UK and Australia. Born in Scotland, Lindsay trained in England where she started her paramedicine career before deciding to call Australia home. She is an Intensive Care Paramedic, having her passion for her career sparked by training as a Community Paramedic in the UK.

Lindsay is passionate about providing patients with the best care option for their needs and is focused on improving health outcomes by reducing unnecessary hospital admissions. Her work has been instrumental in establishing change within ambulance services and developing innovative alternative models of care.

Lindsay leads Ambulance Victoria’s Operational Triage Services directorate and is a valued member of   its extended leadership team. Well known for her strategic vision, drive, and ability to deliver, Lindsay is a dedicated leader to her colleagues, team, and those within the community.

As a female senior leader within ambulance, Lindsay is an advocate and positive role model for women, supporting them to progress across the ambulance sector in all roles and within senior leadership.

Career Highlights: 

  • Recognised in 2016 as the first paramedic in Australia to work in a Commonwealth Government initiative, focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the primary health care
  • Designed and implemented the first Working from Home model for an ambulance service internationally, to successfully allow paramedics and nurses to operate from their own home with full
  • Led and implemented the multi-award-winning initiative, ‘TelePROMPT’, Ambulance Victoria’s first co-designed approach to providing emergency mental health care
  • Offered and appointed Chair of the first Women in Paramedicine Special Interest
  • Identified and implemented a co-design process with stakeholders across the Primary Health Network, resulting in redesign and commissioning of new evidence-based models of care for after-hours services delivery in the
  • Nominated to attend the 2018 Australian inaugural ‘International Foundation of Integrated Care’ summer school Gaining a certificate of excellence.
  • Launched the first NSW state-based Health Pathway to support General Practice and ambulance service resource management.



Queensland Ambulance Service

Brina Denise Keating

Executive Manager, Cairns Operations Centre

Time in service: 17 years

Biography: With over 17 years’ service in the Queensland Ambulance Service, Brina has shown leadership and dedication in providing care to the community throughout her career as an Emergency Medical   Dispatcher (EMD), and as the Executive Manager of the Cairns Operation Centre. Brina commenced with the QAS as an EMD in 2004 at Cairns Operations Centre before moving into a management role as a supervisor, providing leadership and direction to staff, whilst also providing strategic advice to the  Regional Assistant Commissioner. Brina consistently role models integrity, compassion, and fairness,   and is an inspiring leader with a wholistic approach to the overall well-being of EMDs and Paramedics.

Career Highlights:

Appointed as the Executive Manager Cairns Operations Centre, with subsequent periods of relief as Assistant Commissioner and Director, Brisbane Operations Centre.

Receiving the QAS Long Service Medal in 2014 in recognition of 10 years’ service and the National Medal in 2019, for 15 years of Service.

Receiving the National Emergency Medal In recognition of her contribution to the response to the 2010- 2011 Queensland Floods and Cyclone Yasi.

Participating in the QAS support of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and receiving the Commonwealth Games Citation.

Crystal Nelson

Acting Executive Manager, Clinical Innovation

Time in service: 10 years

Biography: Crystal commenced with the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) at Spring Hill Station in November 2011 as a casual paramedic before being permanently appointed as a paramedic in March 2013. Crystal has worked in diverse locations across the state from Gladstone, Caloundra, Boyne Island to Brisbane   and during this time had the opportunity to act as Officer-in-Charge for a short period while working in    the community of Woorabinda. While studying Law, Crystal undertook work experience with the QAS Strategy Governance and Legal Unit  while  on her days off  which  led to a secondment  to the unit  full time in February 2018 for four months. Following this Crystal returned to an operational role as a Clinical Assurance Officer in the Office of the Medical Director where she became permanent in April 2021.

Crystal has been Acting Executive Manager, Clinical Innovation since August 2021 and is currently managing the Clinical Assurance team.

Career Highlights:

Crystal is an extremely strong candidate for ‘professional standards’ within the QAS. Combining her Law and Paramedicine degrees, Crystal has developed seamless systems and pathways for interactions with regulating bodies, inclusive of the State Coroner, The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and Office of the Health Ombudsman. Crystal has also developed extensive education and professional development opportunities for all front facing operational staff, to ensure an understanding of professional obligations and responsibilities.

Lisa Courtney

Acting Nurse Unit Manager, Acute Care, Health Contact Centre (HCC)

Time in service: 30 years

Biography: In July 2021 the Queensland Health Contact Centre (HCC) transitioned to the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS). The HCC provides confidential health assessment and information services to Queenslanders 24 hours a day. Lisa has been nursing for over 30 years and joined the HCC in 2008 as a Registered Nurse.

Lisa was promoted to a Clinical Nurse position within 2 years and has acted in a variety of roles across the HCC. She has worked in workforce management; undertaken quality improvement projects; and provided training and developed education programs for the nursing Triage Service. Currently Lisa has taken on the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) role after the long standing (16 years) NUM retired in December 2021.

Lisa is committed to lifelong learning, holding numerous postgraduate qualifications and continues to undertake continuing professional development opportunities. Lisa is a long term, highly valued member of the HCC team who is committed to delivering highest quality services to Queenslanders.

Career Highlights:

Over the past 13 years since joining the HCC, Lisa has firmly established a career in teletriage. She has embraced opportunities at HCC to gain broad experience in all aspects nursing care within a teletriage setting. Lisa leads the provision of evidence-based advice to callers having mastered HCC IT systems   and applying her in-depth knowledge to ensure currency and relevance of work instructions, guidelines  and protocols to support best practice service delivery. Through her roles as Clinical Nurse Consultant   and Nurse Educator, Lisa has actively supported the development of many registered nurses, clinical nurses and nursing students through providing: quality assurance; clinical escalation support; education, training and preceptorship programs.

Melissa Rogers

State Infection Prevention Program Coordinator

Time in service: 5 years

Biography:  Mel completed a Graduate Diploma in Paramedicine in 2016 and commenced with the Queensland Ambulance Service in 2017 working in various ambulance stations in Brisbane. In 2019 Mel spent two months as a Nurse Immuniser before returning to her paramedic role. Prior to Mel commencing with the QAS, she completed a Nursing Degree in 2007 with added qualifications in Rural and Remote Nursing.

Mel gained rural and remote experience as a Nurse in areas interstate and on Palm Island in Queensland. With qualifications in Infection Prevention, Mel was appointed as the State Infection Prevention Program Coordinator within the Office of the Medical Director in 2019.

Career Highlights:

Along with a nurse colleague, Melissa has championed the QAS Infection Prevention strategies. Together their infection prevention qualifications and appointments have undoubtedly improved the broader paramedic workforce’s approach to infection prevention strategies. Both Melissa and her colleague have been pivotal in the QAS’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, developing numerous innovative strategies to protect ambulance staff and our patients. Their steadfast efforts have resulted in systems to rapidly identify and support affected paramedics attending COVID-19 patients, those exposed to COVID-19 disease and the management of close contacts. These systems have optimised the QAS approach, minimising staff furlough due to their rapid systematic approach and decision making. Both practitioners have firmly embedded the QAS into the broader health system infection prevention community, ensuring that ambulance plays a key role in decision making, further strengthening the role of the QAS.


Sandra Garner

Director, Mental Health Response Team

Time in service: 3 years

Biography: Sandra was seconded from Queensland Health to the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) in April 2019 as the Statewide Mental Health Program Coordinator within the Office of the Medical Director and was appointed to a permanent role of Director, Mental Health Response Program in June 2020. In this role, Sandra has shaped the Mental Health Co-Responder Program comprising of Mental Health Clinicians in the Operations Centres and the Co- Responders on road in a joint program between the QAS and various Queensland Hospital and Health Services. Prior to joining the QAS, Sandra was a Psychologist in the Mental Health Acute Care Team at Prince Charles Hospital.

    Career Highlights: 

    Sandra has revolutionised QAS mental health care. As the inaugural Director, Mental Health Response Program, over a three-year period she has oversighted numerous improvements in performance, increased the engagement of the QAS into the broader mental health system and led numerous innovative projects to optimise mental health care response by the QAS. Sandra led the development of a 24/7 Mental Health Liaison Service, whereby senior mental health clinicians situated in the QAS Operations Centre provide direct support to both our patients who call, and our crews who respond in the community. This service allows paramedics to have immediate access to a senior mental health clinician to assist with an integrated assessment of our patients’ needs.

    Ursula Howarth

    State Infection Prevention Program Coordinator

    Time in service: 14 years

    Biography: Ursula joined the QAS as a student paramedic in 2007 and qualified as a paramedic in July 2010. During this time she worked at South Brisbane Station where she remained until 2016 and had the opportunity    to act in Clinical Support Officer and Senior Clinical Educator roles periodically.  In 2012 Ursula  completed her dual Degree in Paramedicine and Nursing. Ursula transferred to Barcaldine In July 2016  for 12 months and spent a short time as Acting Officer-in-Charge (OIC) at Winton. Adding to her rural experience Ursula then spent four months as a paramedic in Mareeba before transferring to Cairns in 2017 and on to Injune throughout 2019. Ursula spent 9 months based at Cleveland Station before being permanently transferred to Injune in December 2020. However with COVID-19 increasing, the QAS required additional Infection Prevention resources. Ursula’s Nursing and Infection Prevention   qualifications enabled her to take up a Nursing role as a State Infection Prevention Coordinator based in both the Office of the Medical Director and the State Incident Management Room (SIMR)/State  Operations Coordination Centre (SOCC).

    Career Highlights:

    Along with a nurse colleague, Ursula has championed the QAS Infection Prevention strategies. Together, their infection prevention qualifications and appointments have undoubtedly improved the broader paramedic workforce’s approach to infection prevention strategies. Both Ursula and her colleague have been pivotal in the QAS’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, developing numerous innovative strategies to protect ambulance staff and our patients. Their steadfast efforts have resulted in systems to rapidly identify and support affected paramedics attending COVID-19 patients, those exposed to COVID-19 disease and the management of close contacts. These systems have optimised the QAS approach, minimising staff furlough due to their rapid systematic approach and decision making. Both practitioners have firmly embedded the QAS into the broader health system infection prevention community, ensuring that ambulance plays a key role in decision making, further strengthening the role of the QAS.



    St. John WA

    Brooke Cook

    Area Manager Southeast District

    Time in service: 11 years

    Biography: Brooke decided while in high school that she would become a paramedic and joined the St John team on road in 2010 in the Student Ambulance Officer program at Edith Cowan University. In 2013 she became an on-road Mentor for Student Ambulance Officers and in 2014 worked permanently at Victoria Park Station. Brooke’s enthusiasm, work ethic, positivity and determination has enabled her to work in various roles and departments within St John including Country relief, working alongside volunteers and various roles within the College of Pre-Hospital Care (CPHC) responsible for training and assessing, continuous improvement and facilitation and creation of training courses for paramedics. In 2018 Brooke commenced a 2-year secondment in student training with the State Operations Centre as her portfolio. Her passion for continuous improvement led to her certification as an Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatcher and this enhanced her ability to create and facilitate specific training packages to suit the needs of the communication officers and dispatchers. In 2021 Brooke commenced in an Area Manager leadership role and provides support, mentoring and guidance to her team.

    Career Highlights:

    Brooke notes that one of her most memorable career highlights was delivering a preterm baby girl, who the family aptly named ‘Brooke’. Brooke was doing country relief and was transferring a patient in preterm labour into a metropolitan maternity hospital when the baby decided to arrive during the journey. Another highlight was co- facilitation and development of the Paramedic mentor course alongside the learning and development team. In 2018 Brooke selected to undertake the St John Fabric Program, where she travelled internationally to learn from other organisations to implement best practice principles at St John. The program also allowed her to attend an EMS conference in Nashville, where she took part in various professional development symposiums.

    Linda Randall

    Staff Deployment Resourcing & Scheduling Team Leader

    Time in service: 13 years

    Biography: Linda started with St John Ambulance in 2008 as a Rostering Administration Officer, working closely with on-road Paramedics providing a commitment to meeting daily Operational Requirements. Later, Linda was promoted to Coordinator (2IC) of the department, providing team management support. In 2019, the Staff Deployment team expanded and was restructured providing Linda the opportunity to become a Team-Leader. The team constructs and maintains rosters for all Paramedics, Transport & Communications Officers in WA which Linda finds rewarding, particularly being able to empower her team with energy and enthusiasm during what can be challenging work. Outside of working hours, Linda enjoys beach life with her partner, Dave and 8-month-old Border Collie, Gracie. During the AFLW season, Linda is committed to supporting her Adelaide Crows team, captained by her daughter, Chelsea (a well-known advocate for women in sport). Linda has 4 grandchildren.

    Career Highlights:

    One of Linda’s career highlights was in 2018 when unforeseen circumstances saw her having to quickly learn on-road rostering systems to facilitate and meet operational deadlines. Linda notes it was both a stressful yet gratifying time and involved bringing all her staff on board and promoting a collective team culture to function well under pressure. The collaboration and positive teamwork experienced during that time has guided her in her work to date.

    Naomi Powell

    Manager of Metropolitan Operations

    Time in service: 18 years

    Biography: Naomi commenced her career in 2004 as a 21-year-old studying for a nursing degree when the Station manager of the local St John depot convinced her to become a volunteer and then apply to become a paramedic. Naomi’s career pathway was quickly sealed after that first conversation, and she qualified as paramedic  in 2007.  Naomi  has taken on many  opportunities and excelled.   She has worked in leadership roles for Metropolitan Operations – as Station Manager, Team Leader, Area Manager, Metro Logistics Manager and is now a Manager of Metropolitan Operations. Naomi has continued leadership development training and opportunities whilst also having a family thanks to their support and encouragement. Her focus now is to continue supporting St John’s staff, highlighting safety, driving performance improvement, and developing the next generation of leaders for the organisation.

    Career Highlights:

    Naomi describes her career highlights as follows-

    “My career highlights have been the development of the Metropolitan Logistics office that provided a supportive, engaged and purposeful office for injured and pregnant officers to allow them to continue to work whilst continuing their recovery or supporting them through their pregnancy. This office also was developed to support a growing Metropolitan operation that need logistical support to meet the demands of the service and keep vehicles operational. This also allowed the officers working within the office to stay connected to their peers and engaged with their primary role whilst also filling a vital role that organization did not previously have. I have key focus in safety and in my role as Area Manager – Logistics I was able to implement improvements to systems, processes, education to support the safety of all officers.”

    Nicola Peacock

    Recruitment Consultant

    Time in service: 6 years

    Biography: Nicola started within a reception role in St John Health Cannington in 2016. New to the industry she thrived on learning and contributing positively to a team that soon became a family. In the beginning of 2019, she was excited to start her new role as 2IC, and notes that this opportunity gave her a voice and ignited her passion to train staff and help with a smooth running of a fantastic clinic. After 3 years in the role Nicola was ready for a new challenge and way to add value to the field which she had become passionate about. Nicola’s most recent career step sees her as a Recruitment Consultant with St John Health a new and exciting path that she is very grateful to take part alongside an amazing team.

    Career Highlights:

    Nicola has had an impressive career to date and counts the following as her highlights so far: successful transition from receptionist to 2IC in 2019, maintained positive relationships with many patients and fellow staff members for a period of 5 years with St John Medical Cannington, assisted with successful movement and transition of the practice to a new site and training new staff in preparation for the opening of the facility (during a pandemic!)

    Rondel Dancer

    Industrial Trainer

    Time in service: 12 years

    Biography: Rondel is a Trainer and Assessor and Emergency Medical Technician with St John WA, and has delivered Certificate IV in Health and First Aid courses for almost 12 years. She has been a Volunteer with the Lancelin sub centre for 5 years as an Emergency  Medical  Technician and Volunteer  Development Officer. Rondel is passionate about teaching  first  aid at all levels and strives  to increase  both competence and confidence in all her students. Rondel has been a curriculum advisor and designed innovative training strategies for Certificate IV in Health Care. She was appointed as the first Training Team Leader providing coaching and mentoring for the First Aid Training Team. She has led and  facilitated First Aid events such as, RAC “B Street Smart” at Perth Arena for 15000 High School students, large mining company corporate days, and St John Family and Friends First Aid awareness events both large and small. A recent highlight was delivering training  at  Optus Stadium for  staff and  concluding   with scenario simulations on top of the stadium. Rondel enjoys spending time with her two dogs and  family, the odd round of golf and her motto is ‘Keep Smiling’.

    Career Highlights:

    Rondel has had an outstanding career so far, listing the following as some of her amazing highlights-    First Aid Employee of the Year award 2013, designing and presenting Innovative Training and   Assessment Concepts to the CEO and Executive (with the concept adopted for Certificate IV in Health Care), appointed as first Training Team Leader for First Aid 2014, being able to present at large scale events in a field that she is passionate about to crowds in the Perth Arena, volunteering with ambulance   in the regional area of Lancelin, contributing to articles for the Huffington post on First Aid for parents     and common First Aid myths, her work as an Industrial Trainer, receiving her 10 year employee service pin, and undertaking ambulance volunteer development. A standout memory was conducting Optus Stadium staff training scenarios on top of the Stadium including her completing a ‘lean-out’ from the sky platform 42m above the ground.

    Shelley Johnstone

    Country Ambulance Paramedic (Albany)

    Time in service: 14 years

    Biography: Shelley’s career with St John WA began in 2008 as a Student Ambulance Officer, graduating in 2010. Working as a Metropolitan Paramedic in Perth, Shelley worked hard to develop her clinical scope undertaking various country relief positions in locations including Bunbury, Dawesville, and Busselton. Shelley also undertook secondments in St John’s College of Pre-Hospital Care building on her existing knowledge, skill set and teaching techniques. Whilst raising three children under 3 years of age, Shelley took up the Community Paramedic role for the Southeast Wheatbelt region where she developed and oversaw the training of Volunteer Ambulance Officers, providing mentorship and support. Most recently, Shelley and family have relocated to Albany in the Great Southern of WA, where she is back in an Ambulance working alongside a fantastic and dedicated group of volunteers.

    Career Highlights:

    Shelley says, “In all honesty, my whole career has been a highlight. I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by, work alongside and subsequently mentor some extraordinary people. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Community Paramedic in the regions of W.A, working with and forging lifelong friendships with some remarkable people. I am now extremely fortunate to be living and working in Albany and I’m looking forward to enjoying my work, settling into the community, and exploring the stunning coastline with my husband and children.”



    SA Ambulance Service

    Emma Perry

    Acting Operations Manager, Metro North

    Time in service: 19 years

    Biography: Emma has been a dedicated Clinical Team Leader for the past five years, while maintaining her clinical skills and practice as a respected and trusted Intensive Care Paramedic.

    For the past six months Emma has stepped up to the role of Acting Operations Manager Metro North and has provided stable and consistent oversight and management of the region.

    Throughout her career, Emma has been an inspiring leader for all members of the SAAS workforce, but particularly for women who are balancing family life while continuing to strive to achieve career goals and success.

    Career Highlights:

    • Intensive Care Paramedic
    • Clinical Team Leader, Northern Non-aligned
    • Development of the Clinical Education Development Officer role to improve clinical oversight and management across regions (also recognised through the SAAS Excellence Awards 2021)
    • Acting Operations Manager, Metro North
    • Face of SAAS in the recent SA Road Safety Awareness Campaign


    Janet Brewer

    Regional Team Leader, Far North-West Coast

    Time in service: 35 years

    Biography: Janet has been a SAAS Ambulance Officer for 35 years, beginning in 1990 in Port Augusta as a volunteer, then as a career officer in 1996. In 1999 Janet took on the role of Regional Team Leader for the north region of South Australia. For many years Janet has been involved with delivering training scenarios for medical students in Quorn (a weekend where first, second and third year medical students study and train in the town of Quorn, and are involved with a mock, multi-casualty accident).

    Janet received an Ambulance Service Medal in 2000 for her service to SAAS and the community, being nominated for her involvement with the two-day volunteer conference in Whyalla, where she was a presenter and organiser for many years, and for the many hours supporting her volunteers in Coober Pedy, Pt Augusta, Quorn, Hawker, and Yunta.

    Career Highlights:

    • Queens Honor Day List 2000 - Ambulance Service Medal
    • Regional Team Leader for Northern region in South Australia
    • Helps coordinate the medical student training weekends
    • Presenter at the Whyalla volunteer conference
    • Managed a significant multi patient bus crash scene at William Creek in 1993.

    Madeleine Preece

    Clinical Support Officer

    Time in service: 9 years

    Biography: Maddie maintains a strong passion for the development of clinical practice and supporting other clinicians, which she has demonstrated through practicing as a clinical instructor as well as a clinical educator.

    SAAS has recently changed its Paramedic Internship induction program and has altered some fundamental elements to its delivery and assessment. Throughout this change, Maddie was an exceptional leader, revealing an optimistic and collaborative leadership style that has brought many people along the journey with great success.

    Maddie is now leading a trial of clinical educators delivering training within the Clinical Development team. Her fantastic work ethic has been evident throughout this trial, as shown by the lead she has taken with rapid antigen testing implementation in the organisation.

    Career Highlights:

    Maddie is a committed clinician, who delivers exceptional care with a patient centred approach. She has experience as a Paramedic in London Ambulance Service as well as South Australia. She maintains a strong passion for the development of clinical practice and supporting other clinicians, which she has demonstrated through practicing as a clinical instructor as well as a clinical educator. Recently we have made a decision to make the Paramedic intern induction block more contemporary and have altered   some fundamental elements of the delivery and assessment. Maddie has been an exceptional leader throughout the change management that has come with this, revealing an optimistic and collaborative leadership that has brought many people along the journey with great success.

    Maddie is now leading a trial of Clinical Educators delivering training within the Clinical Development team. Her work ethic has been evident throughout this trial, as evidenced by the lead she has taken with Rapid Antigen Testing.

    Megan Walkley

    Operations Team Leader- Staff Wellness

    Time in service: 19 years

    Biography: Megan commenced with SAAS in 2002 and has worked predominantly across the Southern Adelaide area as a paramedic.

    In 2009 Megan became a Peer Support Officer (PSO), where she has thrived. Now one of the senior PSOs in the program, Megan not only provides support to all staff, but she has also led the recruitment and mentorship of new PSOs.

    In 2018 Megan joined the Executive Operations Support team, and in 2021 became the first incumbent Operations Team Leader for Staff Wellness, a role she has championed. She has conducted extensive research into staff wellness, represented SAAS at several conferences, and is considered a subject matter expert. Megan’s individual contribution and commitment to developing a wellbeing strategy, particularly amid the disruptions of recent major incidents, has been pivotal.

    Megan has also worked in the SAAS Incident Management Team and represented SAAS in the State Control Centre on countless occasions, ensuring staff wellness is prioritised during statewide major incidents. The 2019-20 Kangaroo Island bushfires saw Megan attend affected areas twice, and conduct over 100 staff welfare follow-ups. Megan continues to conduct follow-ups as staff affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Career Highlights: 

    • Commenced employment at SAAS in 2002
    • Became a Peer Support Officer (PSO) in 2009, and has more recently assisted in PSO recruitment and training, having become a senior PSO
    • Commenced as a Staff Wellness Officer in Executive Operations Support (EOS) in 2018
    • Deployed to Kangaroo Island bushfires for Staff Wellness and Peer Support duties in 2020
    • Commenced as Operations Team Leader for EOS in 2020
    • Covid-19 pandemic response from a Staff Wellness perspective
    • Commenced as first incumbent Operations Team Leader for Staff Wellness in EOS in 2021

    Nicole Bradtke

    Manager Volunteer Support Unit

    Time in service: 11 years

    Biography: Prior to commencing with SAAS 11 years ago, Nicole worked in both Australia and Indonesia in the travel and hospitality industry, and in leadership and project management roles in the humanitarian sector.

    This international experience and understanding of cultures, beliefs and values, and her impeccable time management skills, her ability to work under pressure and still meet deadlines, allows Nicole to bring valuable, strong business development capabilities and cultural knowledge to the organisation.

    Since joining SAAS, Nicole has worked across several project management roles but has found her true calling in the role of Manager of the Volunteer Support Unit where she has been an initiator and motivator. This has been demonstrated by the large scale successful projects she has developed with built in sustainability and accountability. Nicole’s ability to understand, assess, plan and implement innovative strategies to achieve desired goals is highly regarded.

      Career Highlights: 

      In the past 11 years Nicole has capitalised on previous experience managing international programs in Indonesia and Australia, including:

      • Chairperson and Project Manager: Doctors Children’s Fund (2007-2009), Sumbawa, Indonesia
      • Project Officer Sekolah Pelita Harapan (2004-2007), Jakarta, During her time with SAAS, Nicole’s career highlights so far include:
      • Executive Assistant roles to several Executive Directors
      • Project Officer roles including at MedSTAR
      • Team Leader Volunteer Administration
      • Manger, Volunteer Support

      Nicole is highly regarded across SAAS as a creative, diligent and capable manager of her team. The Volunteer Support Unit has seen significant advances under Nicole’s leadership resulting in outstanding outcomes including the introduction of a reimbursement app for volunteers and the transitioning of the SAAS/St John NZ exchange program to a virtual program due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

      In 2021 Nicole’s team managed three volunteer conferences across the state, ensuring COVID-19 related restrictions did not adversely affect the vital volunteer development that comes from these conferences.

      Therese Hornby

      Communications Coordinator

      Time in service: 31 years

      Biography: Therese has been employed with SAAS for 31 years, starting her career as a paramedic where she worked for many years before transitioning to the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

      Therese has trained in roles from call taking to all coordination areas within the EOC and now primarily works as a Patient Transfer Service coordinator. Therese has a bright and vibrant personality which she combines with outside interests such as acting and theatre as well as entertaining her colleagues on shift.

      Therese has also represented the EOC on a very difficult occasion by delivering a heartfelt eulogy after the sudden death of a staff member.

      When presented with challenges Therese excels.

      Career Highlights:

      Therese took on the important of MC at a one of SA Ambulance Service’s awards presentations, bringing her personality to a great celebration.

      Ambulance Tasmania

      Deborah Quilliam

      Volunteer Ambulance Officer

      Time in service: 6 years

      Biography: Deb has been a Volunteer Ambulance Officer in Smithton for 6.5 years. She has been an active, dedicated member of the unit, supporting the Branch Station Officer’s with shift coverage and assisting with training of new and current Volunteers. Deb works at the local aquatic centre as the aquatics   service manager and is a warm and friendly member of her community. She and her husband have completed significant time volunteering in developing countries, as well as supporting her local community and family.

      When Statewide Volunteer Services offered a manual task instructor course for volunteers, Deb happily travelled to Hobart to participate. She gives her time to assist in training new volunteers in her region and is always on hand to support her unit and BSO’s with advice and instruction.

      Career Highlights:

      • Volunteer Ambulance Officer level 3 Volunteer Trainer (2019 – current)
      • Unofficial Unit Coordinator (2019 – 2021)
      • Official Unit Coordinator (2021)
      • Manual Task Instructor (2021)

      Ellie Grace

      Duty Manager, Emergency Operations Centre

      Time in service: 3 years

      Biography: Ellie completed her Bachelor in Paramedic Science at Queensland University of Technology and started with Ambulance Tasmania in 2018 as a Graduate Paramedic. She has been a model practitioner and leader. Her leadership abilities meant that a role in management was not too far away. She has spent the majority of 2021 working in the Ambulance Tasmania Emergency Operations Centre and contributing to a very high standard to Ambulance Tasmania’s COVID-19 response. Her role in Logistics has ensured a continued supply of Personal Protective Equipment for the Ambulance Tasmania cache, and multiple supply chain availability to all regions. She has also played a vital role in streamlining Infection, Prevention, and Control policies for the organisation. She has delivered above expectations by introducing a Logistics tracking software system that was implemented Statewide, and a first for AT. Ellie continues to represent AT outside the agency working in the response to COVID-19, being an ambassador for AT as an Infection, Prevention, and Control Lead at Hotel Quarantine Facilities.

      Career Highlights:

      • Duty Manager ATEOC, managing a fast paced and efficient team to turn around projects in limited timeframes (IPC policy, single officer PPE breach procedure)
      • Created a state-wide tracking software that allowed streamlining of Ambulance Tasmania’s reporting to the State Emergency Medical Stockpile
      • Created a database to allow Paramedic vaccination implementation state-wide
      • Created a database for internal auditing of PPE, vaccination statuses for volunteers and QR codes for data entry and reporting
      • Ambassador for AT and regarded highly external to the agency whilst fulfilling an infection, prevention, and control champion role at hotel quarantine

      Leah Geard

      Clinical Support Manager, State Operations Centre

      Time in service: 18 years

      Biography: Leah commenced as a volunteer at 18 in the Huon Valley, having not had her license long, she had to display provisional plates on the ambulance! She secured a position as a Student Ambulance Officer in Hobart, where she qualified as an Ambulance Officer. After five years with AT and wanting to gain experience in another service she was lucky enough to gain a position on the Gold Coast. She completed her Intensive Care paramedic qualification, was awarded Dux of her group and worked on the fast-paced Intensive Care vehicle. Eventually, home called her back to Tasmania, where she has been working ever since. Leah has held a number of roles in Ambulance Tasmania, including Intensive Care and Extended Care paramedic, Branch Station Officer, Clinical Support Officer and Manager, and more recently roles in the State Operations Centre, including Duty Manager, Operations Manager, Clinical Support Manager and Clinical Deployment Officer and Secondary Triage clinician. She has a passion for promoting clinical governance, positive patient outcomes, diversity and equality in the workplace. Leah also values continued learning and is currently completing a Masters of Health Leadership.

      Career Highlights:

      As a young female Ambulance Paramedic learning road rescue and successfully extricating a trapped patient out of a vehicle using pneumatic tools, a skill no longer taught or undertaken by paramedics. Working on the Gold Coast, Australia as an Intensive Care paramedic. This included working on a rapid response car solely responding to high acuity medical emergencies and traumatic injuries.

      Being one of the first formally appointed female Clinical Support officers in the Southern region of Ambulance Tasmania, first permanently appointed female Clinical Support Manager.

      Being part of the team that implemented Secondary Triage within Ambulance Tasmania. This program has been extremely successful and continues to improve outcomes for our patients.

      Being able to teach individuals at University level, as a Clinical Teacher at the University of Tasmania and then later assist in their training at the extended and intensive care level, and work together as a team in the field.

      Simone Haigh

      Intensive Care Paramedic

      Time in service: 20 Years

      Biography: Simone is an intensive care paramedic with Ambulance Tasmania. She commenced as a volunteer with AT in 2002, and was employed as a student ambulance officer in 2005. She qualified as a paramedic in 2009, and an ICP in 2011. She has acted in many roles, including CSO, BSO and Paramedic Educator (ICP).  Simone was elected to the national board of Paramedics Australasia (now Australasian College of Paramedicine), a role that she still maintains.   In 2018 she was the first woman, and first Tasmanian    to be elected to the executive in the role of Vice President. Simone was also the inaugural deputy chair of ACP.

      Career Highlights:

      Ambulance Service Medal - Governor General 2019 Ambulance Tasmania long service medal

      National Medal Fellow - ACP 2019

      Vice President - PA (ACP) 2018-20020 Vice Chair - ACP 2020

      Health and Community Services Union - delegate/NW representative 2011 - current National Director - PA/ACP 2014-current

      PA mental health SIG 2017-2020

      Chair, awards and recognition committee - ACP 2020-current Chair, ACP future of paramedicine working group 2021-current

      Assistant secretary/assistant treasurer, Australasian Council of Ambulance Unions 2016-2020

      Tessa Campin

      Staff Officer

      Time in service: 12 years

      Biography: Tessa began her career as a student paramedic with Ambulance Tasmania 12 years ago, where she was the youngest in her intake but was awarded the Sir Basil Osbourne award for academic and professional excellence during her internship. She continued to excel, expanding her training and scope of practice to include bariatric, peer support and critical incident stress management skills. She has stepped up into leadership positions including working as a single officer on a first intervention vehicle, Branch Station Officer and Duty Manager. Recently Tessa was hand-picked as Staff Officer to the Chief Executive of Ambulance Tasmania. Her exceptional leadership and influence has been recognized externally with her selection to commence the Leading Edge Program through Women and Leadership Australia in 2022.

      Career Highlights:

      2013: Sir Basil Osborne award with Ambulance Tasmania 2014: Worked on the First Intervention Vehicle

      2015: Completed Bariatric Training 2016: Appointed Branch Station Officer

      2017: Joined the Critical Incident Stress Management program 2018: Became a Peer Support Officer with Ambulance Tasmania 2020: Southern Region Duty Manager

      2021: Integrated Operations Centre Duty Manager

      2021: Staff Officer to Chief Executive of Ambulance Tasmania

      2022: Due to commence the Leading Edge program through Women and Leadership Australia



      ACT Ambulance

      Barbara-Ann Stephens

      Workforce Planning Officer

      Time in service: 12 years

      Biography: Barbara has been with the ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) for 12 years. Initially starting as a recruitment officer then moving into the Workforce Planning (WFP) team, bringing the ACTAS recruitment portfolio with her. During her time in the WFP team Barbara has become a vital cog who keeps the team running efficiently.

      Barbara has a wealth of HR knowledge and understands the importance of her role in delivering exceptional service and guidance to the ACTAS operational staff to ensure they can provide excellent service to the community. Barbara has managed the recruitment of hundreds of ACTAS employees in her tenure, providing guidance and leadership to managers.

      Barbara has maintained good relationships with her peers, management, and all areas of the Service and is considered the subject matter expert in many areas. Barbara manages the administrative requirements of injured officers within ACTAS using a great deal of sensitivity, professionalism, and expert knowledge during an often difficult time for a staff member.

      Barbara is an extremely dedicated employee who is a strong role model for her team and the wider Service. She is always 100% committed to her work and goes above and beyond to help others.

      Career Highlights:

      Barbara has managed the recruitment of hundreds of ACTAS employees in her tenure, providing guidance and leadership to managers during this process. This includes bulk recruitment of Graduate Paramedics which can be a lengthy complicated process. Barbara ensures this is a seamless process for all involved.

      Barbara’s organisational skills have been integral in her role in the team particularly in ensuring injured officers are guided through the complex administrative process. She has developed systems to ensure this runs smoothly at a difficult time for the officers.

      Barbara also carries her organisation and dedication into other areas of her role ensuring the WFP provides an efficient service to the ACTAS. This has been particularly vital during the last few years dealing with the ramifications of COVID19 on the staff and workload.

      Nicole Day

      Patient Transport Officer

      Time in service: 3 years

      Biography: Nicole Day commenced with the ACT Ambulance Service in 2018 as a Patient Transport Officer. Nicole always turns up to work with a smile and a great attitude. She has a fantastic work ethic, is always professional and has a caring and empathetic manner about her.

      Nicole is always very welcoming to new staff despite being quite new to the Service herself. Nicole has taken on an informal mentoring role and has endearingly been labelled by her peers as the mother of the Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) workgroup. She has the ability to make staff feel special, takes the time to listen to their concerns and strives to make the workplace better for her colleagues. One way she achieves this is by representing NEPT as a Union delegate.

      Nicole is an exceptional Patient Transport Officer who is respectful of all other Health Care professionals and is a great representative of ACTAS. Her patient care is of the highest standard, going out of her way to ensure their individual needs are met and making a positive impact on the patient’s day.

      Career Highlights:

      Nicole has achieved huge personal growth in her role as a Patient Transport Officer and sees her highlights as the times when she receives recognition from her work colleagues and patients on making a positive impact on their day.

      Nicole is also a Transport Workers Union (TWU) delegate for the Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) workgroup.

      Nicole Price

      Intensive Care Paramedic

      Time in service: 22 years

      Biography: Nicole Price served in the Royal Australian Air Force 1994 -1999 in the role of a Dental Assistant and was later promoted into the position of the Practice Manager. Officer Price left the Royal Australian Air Force to join NSW Ambulance Service in 1999 as an Ambulance Officer. In 2001 Officer Price joined ACT Ambulance Service (ACTAS) where she worked her way up to obtain her Intensive Care Paramedic qualification in 2004. Being a senior Intensive Care Paramedic, Officer Price was awarded the position of Training and Development Officer 2006-2007. Officer Price continues to advance into other leadership roles, in 2018-2019 she acted as Consumer Engagement & Liaison Officer for ACTAS and currently holds a Team Leader position. Officer Price was awarded the Defence Medal, the ACTAS long service medal 2019 and received the ACT Long Service medal for her 15 years’ service. In 2020 Officer Price received a Citation for her efforts at the bush fires from the NSW Minister and was awarded ACT Citizen of the Year. With her decorated lengthy service, Officer Price continues to display the core signature leadership values of ACTAS and maintains her support to all junior staff.

      Career Highlights:

      Officer Price identified a gap in the support of women returning to work in the Ambulance Service post their maternity leave. Understanding their difficulties from her own experience in returning to work after having 2 children, she started supporting women on their return with an understanding of their needs. This was self-initiated without recognition and remuneration. Officer Price’s amiable nature made it easy for the other women to engage with her and she made sure they were comfortable with their integration back into the paramedic workforce. She worked with staff in an ambulance as a support person/mentor and if that was not possible, she called them to see how they were tracking and provided guidance. Officer Price was awarded the Defence Medal, the ACT Ambulance Service long service medal 2019 and received the ACT Long Service medal for her 15 years’ service. In 2020 Officer Price received a Citation for her efforts at the bush fires from the NSW Minister and was awarded ACT Citizen of the Year. With her decorated lengthy service, Officer Price continues to display the core signature leadership values of ACTAS and maintains her support to all staff.




      St. John Ambulance Australia (NT) Inc

      Andrea Canning

      Communication Supervisor

      Time in service: 2 years

      Biography: Andrea (Andy) joined the St John NT Emergency Communication Centre (ECC) in 2019 as an experienced emergency medical dispatcher after five years with Queensland Ambulance Service. During her time with St John NT, Andy has progressed to the position of Communication Supervisor, where she proved to be an integral member of the ECC Frontline Leadership Group.

      Andy has recently been appointed to the position of ECC Training and Administration Support Officer, where she continues to utilise and build on her wealth of knowledge and leadership skills through training and development of new and existing staff, as well as being responsible for all aspects of workforce support, planning and rostering.

      Andy has been instrumental in supporting the ECC in its ongoing adaption to the impacts of COVID-19. She is responsible for the revision and development of procedures and ensuring the continuation of staff training, development and recruitment. Her contributions to a number of major projects has resulted in positive outcomes and the smooth running of the centre.

      Andy also plays a key role in the quality assurance and improvement of the centre, demonstrating exceptional enthusiasm, efficiency, professionalism, and attention to detail.

      Career Highlights:

      • Providing support and advice to the Emergency Call Centre Frontline Leadership Group
      • Instrumental in supporting the ongoing adaptions to the impacts of COVID-19
      • Involvement in training, development and recruitment of staff
      • Working towards attaining her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
      • Plays a key role in the quality assurance of the Emergency Call Centre

      Billie Turner

      Emergency Medical Dispatcher

      Time in service: 5 years

      Biography: Billie has been employed with St John NT for five years, beginning her career in the corporate services team. In 2020 Billie transitioned into an emergency medical dispatcher (EMD) role to assist with the COVID-19 surge workforce. Billie excelled in her development and has proven herself to be a passionate and committed EMD.

      Billie often demonstrates the necessary call handling skills such as critical thinking, customer service,  and caller management techniques that far exceed that of someone of her time in the role. As a credit to her high level of dedication and professionalism, Billie has recently been appointed as a call taking mentor. She has also been assigned additional duties including assisting in the development of training materials and new procedures, including the COVID-19 transport process, and taken them in her stride.

      Billie is an exceptional team player and a compassionate EMD. She consistently seeks additional duties to aid in the overall functioning of the Emergency Communication Centre. Her performance standards often exceed expectations and she is regarded as an excellent mentor.

      Career Highlights:

      • Transitioning from corporate to operational role to assist with COVID-19 surge
      • Appointed as a call taking mentor
      • Taking on additional duties including assisting in development of training materials and procedures
      • Assisted with the delivery of a baby over the phone, parents got in touch to say thank you directly

      Jeannette Button

      Marketing and Communications Manager

      Time in service: 3 years

      Biography: Jeannette joined St John NT in 2019 as the Marketing and Communications Manager. Jeannette continually strives for excellence and has been instrumental in key projects that promote public awareness of all that the organisation does for its community. She is passionate about driving the brand reputation, awareness and public standing of the organisation.

      Jeannette represents St John NT at a national level on marketing and communications projects across the Council Ambulance Authorities and St John Ambulance Australia. She is tireless in her dedication to promoting St John NT and has excelled in advancing stakeholder engagement, social media impact and fostering strong relationships with the media.

      Jeannette has played a key part in many major projects, including contributing to the organisation’s strategic direction, developing a fundraising and sponsorship strategy, designing a new website with a national team and providing vital support to the Incident Management Team throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

      Always going above and beyond, Jeannette continues to advocate for professional change in internal and external communications for the benefit of the whole organisation.

      Career Highlights:

      • Stakeholder engagement and building strong relationships with the media
      • Tireless support to the COVID-19 Incident Management Team
      • Driving the brand reputation and social media impact of St John NT
      • External marketing campaign to support brand awareness
      • Continues to drive professional change in internal and external communications

      Kate Owen

      Ambulance Services Coordinator

      Time in service: 14 years

      Biography: Joining the organisation as a volunteer in 1995, Kate was previously working as an emergency medical dispatcher before moving into her current role as Ambulance Support Coordinator. In her time with the organisation she has been a Cadet Leader, recipient of the Peter Falkland Award, recipient of a 12 year service medal and been inducted as a Member of the Order of St John.

      In a role that brings many challenges, Kate never wavers in her professionalism or her compassion for those around her. Facilitating rosters for the entire northern region operational staff, Kate considers the needs of so many employees and works hard to accommodate requests, something which has a positive impact on staff satisfaction and wellbeing.

      The support Kate provides is essential to the smooth running of the service. In the face of disruptions brought about by COVID-19, Kate remains dedicated to performing her role to the highest standard. She is often required to train staff on light duties, acting as a leader and a mentor.

      The care Kate has for her job and her commitment to excellence are especially evident in her thoughtful communication skills and forward planning.

      Career Highlights:

      • Joined St John NT as a volunteer in 1995
      • Cadet Leader and recipient of the Peter Falkland Award
      • Received 12 year service medal
      • Inducted as a Member into the Order of St John
      • Involved in communications for the Finke Desert Race in Alice Springs
      • Managing rosters for the northern region operational staff including major events and training

      Monique Fynn

      Clinical Support Officer

      Time in service: 7 years

      Biography: Paramedic and Clinical Support Officer Monique has a strong rapport with her peers built on mutual trust and a commitment to pre-hospital care. She consistently acts in the best interests of the organisation’s people and patients. Through her hard work and dedication, Monique has earned a reputation as a key contributor and a person of integrity who can be relied upon to deliver.

      Recently Monique has led a complex and multifaceted project in developing a Clinical Audit System, drawing on her learned skills and knowledge to develop an auditing program that received outstanding praise from external stakeholders. Monique demonstrated her leadership skills, working autonomously with the developer to achieve an outcome that will significantly improve St John NT’s clinical auditing capabilities.

      On many occasions Monique acts as a pillar of support to her peers, either through mentoring them in their accreditation or learning processes, or through her role as a peer support officer. This investment in building relationships and collegiality demonstrates how much of an asset Monique is to St John NT.

      Career Highlights:

      Monique has led a complex and multifaceted project in developing a clinical audit system. Monique drew on her problem solving skills, knowledge of how paramedics work in the field, best practices and clinical auditing skills to develop a computer program that streamlines a thorough process and offers a raft of options and capabilities.

      Upon showing a staff member with significant experience in this area from another state, Monique was told 'this is excellent, you could sell it!'

      While the new program is in its infancy, already it is saving weeks of work in preparing what previously required huge spans of time in preparing AUSROC data – a valuable and important data set for research that builds knowledge to inform clinical practice guidelines and directly influence patient outcomes.

      Monique took on this project and worked autonomously with the developer to achieve the outcome while reporting back on the progress internally and consulting with stakeholders as needed.

      Naomi Alcover


      Time in service: 2 years

      Biography: Naomi joined St John NT as a paramedic in 2020 after moving from Sydney to work in Tennant Creek, she is recognised for her positive attitude and for being a constant source of support to the team and community. Naomi often performs above and beyond her role, showing leadership and initiative through mentoring student paramedics and on various occasions when she has stepped up into the role of Area Manager.

      While in this acting management role, Naomi has provided valuable support to the southern region leadership group and demonstrated a strong, values-based management style. When the Northern Territory COVID-19 outbreak escalated, Naomi provided excellent leadership within the team, and was a strong representation of St John NT in the local emergency response.

      Career Highlights:

      • Paramedic working in Tennant Creek
      • Providing support and mentoring for student paramedics
      • Taking on leadership roles within the team
      • Providing support to the southern region leadership group

      St John  Ambulance New Zealand

      Anne-Maree Harris

      Territory Manager

      Time in service: 25 years

      Biography: Anne-Maree has a proud history in St John starting as an ambulance volunteer in 1996 before gaining full time employment in 2007. She studied towards her Paramedic ATP and retains this as a registered clinician. She has always shown natural inclination in people leadership and has aspired to management roles plus diversified to other roles on her growth and development journey. She has mana with her teams based on an honest and genuine drive to do what’s right for them.

      Career Highlights: 

      20yr+ career in frontline ambulance services being a volunteer to a FTE Paramedic.

      Utilising previous experiences in Audit & Compliance plus Health, Safety and Wellness, assumed Tasman District portfolio responsibilities to assist managers on internal and external TelArc audits from 2012 onwards.

      Became a Shift Manager responsible for daily emergency services across multiple stations.

      Her entry into the Nelson Bays TM role started with a service delivery change in line with the  Double Crewing Project being a priority objective. Create an additional volunteer ambulance.

      Strong stakeholder engagement allowing for innovative discussions and networking.

      Anne-Maree continues with district internal and external TelArc leadership.

      Bridget Dicker

      Head of Clinical Audit and Research

      Time in service: 20 years

      Biography: Bridget Dicker is the Head of Clinical Audit and Research for St John and concurrently serves as an Adjunct Professor at Auckland University of Technology. Adj/Prof. Bridget Dicker has made a significant contribution to the field of out-of-hospital emergency care with a focus on resuscitation. She developed and manages the New Zealand out-of-hospital cardiac arrest registry, which was established for research into epidemiological, or clinical factors that may contribute to improved outcomes. Bridget is active in supporting the development of research skill at St John and has published extensively on the management of cardiac arrest pre-hospital.

      Career Highlights:

      Developed and manages the New Zealand out-of-hospital cardiac arrest registry.

      Head of Clinical Audit and Research.

      Adjunct Professor, AUT.

      Jo Stuart

      Emergency Medical Technician

      Time in service: 7 years

      Biography: Jo started her career as a volunteer in Auckland - West division. She undertook her Diploma and volunteered extensively while working as a teacher and looking after her family. While undertaking her Diploma, Jo always studied over and above what was required of her and continues to do so today. This has contributed to her outstanding competence as an EMT. Not only is she an incredible EMT, but she is an incredible colleague. She is diligent, hard-working and without fail always provides outstanding care to all her patients. Jo is a humble person, never raises herself above others and works with humility and dedication. No job is too big or too small. Although she may not recognize it, she is a true leader - by  example.

      Career Highlights:

      Jo was one of the first officers on scene at the tragic shooting of a male police officer in West Auckland in 2020. She was required to attend court proceedings and I know this job had a significant impact on  her. She held herself with such dignity, and calm it was easy to forget she even attended the job. This is consistent with her humble nature.

      Monique Le Roux


      Time in service: 12 years

      Biography: Monique was a member Howick OVG who gave countless hours back to the community. She studied Paramedicine as well as a Nursing degree while working as a frontline EMT. She has also had experience as a call taker, first aid trainer as well as further studying to become an ICU nurse. Monique never takes a break on this journey to continue growing herself.

      Career Highlights:

      Seeing Monique studying Paramedicine as well as Nursing, at the same time, and growing from a FR, to EMT, to Paramedic. During her studies, often a lot of traveling to be at different  institutions all whilst working frontline.

      Nicola Cunneen


      Time in service: 25 years

      Biography: Nicola has been with St John 25 years ago with the youth program and is now a well respected Paramedic in our small town of Westport.  She is a proud mum to three amazing children which are the center of her world.  Her husband is a volunteer Firefighter so they both have service and Community focus in their hearts. When she is not on shift you will find her out walking the streets or biking the trails, On the sidelines supporting the kids in their sport.  She is always willing to lend an ear and encourages you to believe in yourself and encourages people to be better version of themselves.  She doesn’t get a lot of recognition for all she does both in her paid and volunteer roles but I believe you wouldn’t want anyone else on your side. In her time with St John she has had some amazing achievements. Here is just some highlight: a medical alarm rep, been on exchange to Australia, Treasurer of the Area committee,  key fundraiser,  Social Club/Party planner/Team building, Tasman Recruitment guru, Events officer, Station manager and mentor to a number of officers whom have achieved their EMT, FR and EMA roles over the years, including a wiz at rosters. 

      Career Highlights:

      Nicola started in youth and worked her way up through the ranks. Nicola has been a medical alarm rep, been on exchange to Australia, Treasurer of the Area committee,  key fundraiser, Social Club extortioner, Party planner/Team building, Tasman Recruitment guru, Events officer, Station manager and mentor to a number of officers whom have achieved their EMT, FR and EMA roles over the years, including a wiz at rosters. 

      She is always willing to lend an ear and encourages you to believe in yourself even when others don’t. Nicole is straight up and encompasses all of the St John core values to a tee.  

      Norrie Meauli

      Duty Centre Manager

      Time in service: 7 years

      Biography: Norrie is of Samoan descent. She is in her early 30's & has worked for St John Ambulance for over 8 years. She comes from a religious background, 1 of 5 siblings and is a proud aunt of 4 whom she regards as her own. Norrie currently purchased a home in Papakura but grew up at her family home in Botany Downs. Norrie enjoys singing and a long time ago was the lead singer for a band. Norrie has worked her way up the corporate ladder and is now the Duty Centre Manager.

      Career Highlights:

      Norrie is an inspiration to many. She has and continues to work hard, stepping up to different roles at short notice with out any complaints having only love & support for the teams, always showing the willingness to grow & learn. Norrie started off as a Call Handler then became the Call Handler Team Leader, she has now stepped up to the role of Duty Centre Manager. Norrie is humble & always encouraging to those around her that we all to can do the same thing motivating us and giving us the extra push to do greater things, get out of our comfort zones & seek to inspire. Norrie is an amazing leader & has such high respect & love from those around her.



      Wellington Free Ambulance

      Abby Perry

      Extended Care Paramedic

      Time in service: 6 years

      Biography: Abby’s love for pre-hospital medicine was fuelled after working a part-time job as a pool lifeguard. Being exposed to a wide range of first aid & emergency situations, she knew she wanted to do more. As a successful applicant for the Whitireia Polytechnic School Leavers Scholarship in 2012, she was lucky enough to dive straight into the paramedic degree fresh out of high school, and she’s never looked back! The fast-paced nature of her job has constantly kept her on her toes, and is always pushing her to think outside the box. With medicine continually evolving, she has developed a strong passion for ongoing learning, mentoring, and teaching.

      Abby was born and raised in Wellington and loves working in her home city. In her spare time, you will always catch her enjoying the sun, whether it’s at the beach drinking coffee, or out walking with her latest addition to her family – Gus, a golden Labrador puppy. She is conscious about staying fit due to the nature of her job, so you will always see her keeping active on a spin bike. 

      Career Highlights:

      • Clinical Paramedic Advisor
      • MTS instructor
      • Extended Care Paramedic
      • Preceptor
      • Assessor
      • Casual adjunct tutor at Whitireia Polytechnic

      Heidi Little

      Clinical Educator, Extended Care Paramedic, Clinical Paramedic Advisor

      Time in service: 9 years

      Biography: When Heidi was 13, she was selected to compete at the national first aid competitions, where her passion for becoming a paramedic started. Since then, she has dedicated most of her life to this pursuit and has been fiercely passionate about her ambulance career.

      When Heidi moved to the city of Wellington to study the Bachelor of Health Science programme, it was a massive change from Central Otago. There were many steep learning curves, with traffic and double lane roundabouts. Heidi is a proud Southerner with her rolling of the ‘R’, and she also makes a great cheese roll.

      Over the last nine years, Heidi has worn many hats at Wellington Free Ambulance, currently working as a Clinical Educator, which is both challenging and immensely rewarding. While now based in the office, Heidi misses her road family but still gets her share of frontline shifts when she can.

      Outside of the ambulance world, Heidi is a talented and passionate musician and is known to sing at the occasional wedding. Heidi also enjoys fishing with her partner Sam and spoiling her four-year-old niece, Autumn.

      Career Highlights:

      • At the time, Heidi was the youngest full-time EMT at age 20 and then the youngest specialist paramedic by age 24.
      • Co-writing and singing the ‘We Are The Ones’ charity song that WFA released in 2018.
      • Finalist for four awards at Wellington Free Ambulance from 2019 - 2021.
      • Winning the conference competition at the CAA Congress in Perth 2019 for her future idea of drone-delivered primary care medications to low socioeconomic areas.
      • Seeing a cadet, she had mentored since he was aged 13 begin his career with WFA as a Graduate Paramedic this year.
      • Meeting the many colleagues and lifelong friends she has made while experiencing the most unique, challenging and rewarding job.

      Kimberley Beban

      Intensive Care Paramedic

      Time in service: 12 years

      Biography: Kim completed her Bachelor of Health Science in paramedicine in 2010. During this time, she started working for Wellington Free Ambulance, beginning as an intern and, with hard work she achieved her Intensive Care Paramedic right of practice in 2015.

      Kim has been fortunate to have had some incredible mentors throughout her career. These mentors have inspired and fuelled her passion for quality mentoring, ongoing education, and training.

      Having received strong mentorship herself, Kim knows the value of an effective leader and now helps others achieve their own goals by mentoring graduate paramedics and Intensive Care Paramedic students.

      Kim displays leadership by inspiring her colleagues to develop, grow and reflect on their practice in a supportive manner to provide excellent patient care. You will often find Kim on station deep in a clinical conversation or running a training scenario. Her peers always enthusiastically welcome these sessions, and will often seek further sessions with her outside of work hours.

      In her free time, Kim enjoys spending time with her husband and going on adventures with their gorgeous two-year-old son.

      Career Highlights:

      • Becoming a preceptor to assist others in achieving their Authority To Practice
      • Qualifying as an Intensive Care Paramedic in 2015
      • Coaching others in their Intensive Care Paramedic training year
      • Becoming an adjunct tutor at Whitireia Polytech
      • Completing Resuscitation Post-Graduate Certificate in Health Science at Auckland University of Technology.

      Lucy Lloyd-Bain

      Facilities Manager

      Time in service: 3 years

      Biography: Lucy joined the Wellington Free Ambulance team three years ago, and for the last two years, has been the Facilities Manager.  The role of Facilities Manager is critical to the smooth operation of the Wellington Free Ambulance service to the people of Greater Wellington and Wairarapa.  Lucy is passionate about supporting the people of WFA and finds that paying attention to the smallest of details across the facilities can have a significant impact in creating the optimal environment for frontline staff.  During the recent COVID-19 response, Lucy played a crucial role in the Emergency Operations Centre. She supported and eventually led the logistics function to ensure continuity of service across all Wellington Free Ambulance operations.  A recent highlight for Lucy has been the establishment of the two new stations in the Wairarapa. Lucy assisted in the move and set up of the new facilities in Masterton and Greytown; two key service points for the Wairarapa Wellington Free Ambulance crews, and community.  Lucy is passionate about people, kindness and going the extra mile for those around her. When Lucy isn’t at work, she is likely spending time with her family, out on a scuba dive or, when able to, travelling.

      Career Highlights:

      • Developed into a management role as a young female
      • Designed more collaborative spaces and office reconfigurations
      • Supporting the Wairarapa Station moves
      • The ability to go on observation shifts with frontline crew
      • Procuring contracts to help lift service in the Facilities Field
      • Joining the Women in Leadership group within Wellington Free Ambulance and organising a day to celebrate our woman on International Women’s Day.

      Melanie Cotterill

      Systems Accountant

      Time in service: 15 years

      Biography: Melanie joined Wellington Free Ambulance in 2007 as the Management Accountant as part of the Finance team. She then went on to be the Finance Manager for ten years, heading the Finance Team at Wellington Free.

      Melanie enjoyed presenting the year-end accounts at Wellington Free Ambulance AGM to the many stakeholders in attendance. In the last two years, she moved into the role of Systems Accountant, and due to her extensive experience she was able to use her knowledge and expertise to creating a costing model for the NASO commissioning framework. She has also extensively worked with the Logistics and stores function to modernize inventory, starting with having live PPE stock levels. This has been critical in our COVID-19 response.

      In her leisure time, Melanie is an enthusiastic trail runner and competing in the iconic Jumbo Holdsworth mountain race in the Tararuas has been a highlight.

      Career Highlights:

      During the last 15 years, Melanie has held various roles in Wellington Free Ambulance, including:

      • Systems Accountant – this role has extended beyond that of Systems Accountant for Finance, as Melanie has been part of two large projects – Medications Management and
      • Finance Manager – Managing the Finance team and ensuring that critical functions such as cash management and reporting , all work smoothly.
      • Peer Supporter for several years.




      St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea

      Rachael Pyokol

      Health Extension Officer/Trainee Paramedic

      Time in service: 3 years

      Biography: Rachael is currently a trainee paramedic and a certified Health Extension Officer; similar to a physical assistant in USA.

      Rachael started her career with St John Ambulance PNG on a short term contract as a medical officer on standby for the 2018 APEC summit that was hosted in PNG.

      Rachael was recommended for further external training with the Australia/ New Zealand Volunteer Paramedics to which led to her position at current with St John as a Trainee Paramedic. She also stands in as flight clinician on St John Aeromedical Retrievals around the country. 

      Her daily work routine revolves around her attending to high priority and emergency cases mainly cardiac arrests, trauma, birth complications. Part of her role also is to assist fellow ambulance crews when they require clinical support for cases and mentoring.

      Her career ambition; Rachael intends to fulfill her role in St John to become a role model; a qualified paramedic. Down the line, she envisions to be able to embark on into mentoring old and new ambulance officers to become qualified officers to deliver services and help save more Papua New Guinean lives with the skills imparted.

      Career Highlights:

      2019 - Rachael made headlines in the local news where she conducted CPR on the state lawyer and saved his life in one of the court rooms of the National Court House.

      Zoe Saulep

      Lead Coordinator- FAIS Program

      Time in service: 3 years 

      Biography: Zoe graduated with a bachelor degree in Health Sciences from Divine Word University in 2010 and has experience in PNG’s public and private health sector. Zoe joined as a volunteer with the First aid in school’s program in 2018 assisting program team. She assisted with the pilot phase of the FAIS program and in the APEC 2018 summit operations. Attaining her ‘Train the trainer’ course with PNG Human Resource Institute, Zoe coordinated the FAIS Program in 5 NCD and 3 ENBP schools. Zoe attended the DFAT Wilderness training by Rescue Med Specialists Paramedics in AROB and worked in partnership with POM Nature Park to deliver snakebite first aid and prevention awareness via the “Snaketastic” program. She has delivered SJA C-19 awareness to corporate organisations and communities when C- 19 was declared a Pandemic, became liaison lead at National Control Centre for SJA C-19 response ops, and attended a Cert 2 training Course with IEA TAFE. Zoe has been a leader at the community level with awareness projects; managed a successful coordination for 6 zones in NCD, assisted with COVID vaccination team with data collection overall, supported the Social Enterprise, Community and Fundraising team for continuous revenue for St John.

      Career Highlights:

      2018 – Joined as a volunteer and assisted with rollout of FIAS program and the 2018 APEC summit operations

      2019 – Attained ‘Train the Trainer’ course certificate

      • attended DFAT Wilderness First Aid training and partnered in “Snaketastic program” with the Port Moresby Nature Park.

      2020 – St John Liaison Team lead at the National Control Centre at Morauta Haus for SJA COVID – 19 response operations.

      • Attained a National Certificate 2 in Training and Assessment Course with IEA, TAFE Port Moresby sponsored by St John

      2021 -  Cordinated FAIS in 4 provinces, organized 12 out of 18 graduations in spite of COVID -19 3RD wave

      • Coordinated COVID awareness in 6 zones in Port Moresby
      • Assisted St John COVID teams with data collection
      • Ongoing assistance to the Social Enterprise, Community and Fundraising team




      The CAA Women in Ambulance Awards are at this stage only open to women working in the 11 CAA member services from across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea (for a full list visit our Member Services page). Currently, the awards are not open to external companies. 

      The nominations are handled by internal processes at the respective ambulance jurisdictions. Should you wish to put forward a deserving woman working in the ambulance sector please contact your manager and they will consider your nomination.