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CAA honours inspirational Women in Ambulance


The Council of Ambulance Authorities is proud to launch the inaugural Women in Ambulance campaign designed to highlight successful and inspirational women in ambulance services across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The CAA 2020 Women in Ambulance campaign recognises 58 women who have been awarded the Women in Ambulance Honour for their work and career progression. They are being championed as role models across the Ambulance industry. 

The CAA Women in Ambulance is looking to empower and inspire future generations of women to step into ambulance careers and know they can progress into leadership and management roles with confidence.


Michelle Fyfe, CEO St John Western Australia and Judith Barker, CEO St John Northern Territory speak about the need for CAA's Women in Ambulance campaign and share with us the CAA Women in Ambulance Honour Recipients. 


It is with great honour that the Council of Ambulance Authorities introduces to you the 2020 Women in Ambulance Honour Recipients.

Congratulations to all of our recipients and thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the ambulance sector!


NSW Ambulance

  • Caitlyn Murphy
  • Jacinta Young
  • Jade Marks
  • Jenny Potter
  • Rachel Steele
  • Sally Quinn


Ambulance Victoria

  • Aliesha Robertson
  • Janelle McDermott
  • Jessica McGowan
  • Jodie Gilbert
  • Michelle Crilly
  • Rachelle Pellow


Queensland Ambulance Service

  • Kate Olive
  • Kelly-Anne McGruer
  • Kym Meredith
  • Melissa Bernas
  • Renee Kane
  • Tracey Anne Eastwick


SA Ambulance Service

  • Almina Reed
  • Amanda Cameron
  • Cathy Wright 
  • Gail Goldfinch
  • Natalie Gibson
  • Sharon Paddock


St John Ambulance Western Australia

  • Abby Kay
  • Belinda Thorne
  • Dawn Corry
  • Ellie Golling
  • Kerryn Jayne Welke
  • Phip Hughes   


ACT Ambulance Service

  • Andrea Nailer


Ambulance Tasmania

  • Debra Salter
  • Erica Hodkinson
  • Georgina Renshaw
  • Kerri Garth
  • Lucy Oatley
  • Michelle Maree Izard


St John Ambulance Northern Territory

  • Jhouanna “Jhoan” Maya
  • Katrina Smith
  • Nicole Johnston
  • Sara Gleeson
  • Shaye Quinlan
  • Taleaha Dawson


St John New Zealand

  • Adele Saunders
  • Liz Beavon
  • Michelle Brett
  • Mitch Mullooly
  • Nissy Concisom
  • Olive Taylor


Wellington Free Ambulance

  • Kate Worthington
  • Laura Robertson
  • Natasha Ellis
  • Sarah Sundgren
  • Tayla Short 
  • Vanessa Simpson


St John Ambulance Papua New Guinea

  • Jasmine Kum
  • Rachelle Morehari
  • Stephanie Pilat



For more information about the CAA Women in Ambulance campaign and for full biographies of our 2020 CAA Honour Recipients please visit the CAA website or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn