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Sustainable Ambulance



The CAA is committed to supporting Ambulance Health Services to work towards a more sustainable future and the CAA Sustainability Strategy is the first step in our goal for #sustainableambulance. The CAA Sustainability Roadmap will work on delivering steps from the Strategy and provide resources and collateral for the sector on their sustainability journey. 

Over the next couple of years we will be working hard to support our member services with a range of materials to help them on their way to a more sustainable ambulance service. Later this year we will work on collating best practices from around the globe, vendors and suppliers of sustainable products and solutions, marketing collateral, and ideas on how to start making long-lasting changes for a better environment.

Our work will not only focus on sustainable environment but we will also work closely with our communities to growing sustainable relationships and working with our staff on creating sustainable workplaces that provide quality of life at home and work. 

Sustainability Posters

Sometimes the topic of sustainability can feel overwhelming. However, there are simple and effective ways to have an impact at home or in the office. Below are some sustainability facts and tips that can be downloaded and printed to display at home or in the office. 

We encourage you to choose one or two things to focus on that will become second nature 🌲 in no time.



Facts & Tips