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CAA Strategy

Service Delivery

  1. Responding to changing community needs

    Community needs and expectations are shifting with changing demography, population shifts, evolving technology, and the extent and type of care needed.

    We need to excel at our core business of out of hospital urgent care. We also want to pursue our role in providing more care in the community and believe that we can offer significant value here.

  2. Contemporary service models

    With increasing demand and scope of service needs, traditional ambulance service models are not sustainable or well-suited.

    We are proactively trialling new service models from better supporting or providing primary and community care, to extended triage services at the first point of call. We want to learn together and share our experiences.

  3. Evidence-based, high quality practice

    We are all focused on a patient-centred practice and we will not compromise on health outcomes and safety as priority goals. This requires us to continually invest in research and to adopt evidence-based practices. Doing this together makes sense.


  1. Workforce engagement and safety

    We are united in our need to protect and promote the safety and wellbeing of our people. We can work together to pursue and learn more about how to do this well.

    Our workforce is also growing and changing. More than ever our people want to contribute, to collaborate and to connect. Their input can shape future service models.

  2. The health system and our partnerships

    As ambulance services our role in the health system is critical. It is important that we define and articulate our value within what is a complex system.

    We also know that effective partnerships are key to successful outcomes. What can we learn from each other on forming great partnerships?

  3. Technology, data and systems

    Technology continues to change our horizon. Driverless cars, new point-of-care technologies, personal wearable diagnostic devices, virtual reality training experiences and even remote treatment will become our new normal in coming years.

    Collaborating to trial and advance our practices and uptake of tech will enable us to do more collectively.

High-impact Collaboration

  1. Professionalisation and standards

    The professionalisation of our sector is a generational shift that as a Board we are proud to be leading.

    Our workforce tells us that an Australasian competency based framework that meets internationally recognised standards is important. While there is work ahead to achieve this, the benefits for our people and our communities are tangible.

  2. Measuring success

    Ambulance services are formally measured on a small set of KPIs but we know that there are other critical measures that count.

    Working together allows us to define what matters and to improve our ability to capture data to learn, to improve our practices, to support our partners and to communicate the value of our work.

  3. A valued voice

    Together, we speak more powerfully. We want our voice as the Council of Ambulance Authorities to be credible, to be highly valued and to be clear.

    We will continue to identify and develop shared position statements, and collaborate to respond to shared issues relating to paramedicine and ambulance services.


Individual Strategies