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Sustainable Ambulance


Dear friends and colleagues,

Today is Thank A First Responder Day, which is a day to say thanks to the incredible humans who do so much for our communities. Today, we’re stopping to say thank you. For more information on Thank a First Responder Day and to see the Gratitude Gallery visit the website here. 

June brings us a month-long focus on sustainability with the Sustainable Ambulance campaign. 

CAA is working on collating best practices from around the globe, vendors and suppliers of sustainable products and solutions, marketing collateral, and ideas on how to start making long-lasting changes for a better environment. We look forward to continuing to share this information with you and playing an active part in paving the way to a bright and sustainable future.

Our work will not only focus on creating a sustainable environment but also working closely with our communities to grow sustainable relationships and with our staff on creating sustainable workplaces that provide quality of life at home and work. The CAA Sustainability Strategy can be viewed on our website.

Saturday 5th June was World Environment Day and the topic of the year was #ForNature. It was and is a great reminder to if possible take a walk on the beach or bush to appreciate the beautiful nature we live in.

CAA will be posting several fun facts and handy tips throughout the month to help you on your own path to a more sustainable future. Follow us on CAA Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and share your ideas and photos using #SustainableAmbulance.

We look forward to sharing our progress and ideas with you in making this important step to a better future.

Also, this month is our very first Virtual Expo, bringing together services, organisations and businesses from across the Australasian ambulance sector to connect and share sector developments and ground breaking technologies. Be sure to check it out, access is available 24/7, June 22-24, register for this free event at:

With regards,

Mojca Bizjak-Mikic
General Manager


Sometimes the topic of sustainability can feel overwhelming. However, there are simple and effective ways to have an impact at home or in the office. 

Below are some sustainability facts and tips that can be downloaded (click image to download) and printed to display at home or in the office. 

We encourage you to choose one or two things to focus on that will become second nature 🌲 in no time.



The CAA Board has planted trees that are native to their area as part of the Sustainable Ambulance campaign.

The theme of World Environment Day this year was ‘Reimagine. Recreate, and Restore.’ The planting trees initiative moves in line with World Environment Day’s theme by addressing that whilst we cannot turn back time, we can grow trees and think of new and creative ways to encourage behaviour that acts to restore the environment.

Ambulance Tasmania kicked off the activities with CEO Joe Acker planting a dwarf Euky Eucalyptus (see below). Keep an eye out on our social media for more photos and videos coming throughout June. Thanks to all of our members who got involved!


Sustainable Ambulance with Alexis Percival 
Tuesday 29 June, 2pm AEST

CAA is committed to working with the ambulance sector towards a more sustainable future and has created the CAA Sustainability Strategy as the first step in our goal for #sustainableambulance. In 2020 we heard from Sally Mangan from Ambulance Victoria on their plans in our first sustainability webinar. This time we look forward to Alexis Percival sharing the agenda of decarbonisation in the ambulance service in the UK.

Alexis is the Environmental and Sustainability Manager for Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust based in Yorkshire, UK. She started as the first Sustainability Manager for an ambulance service in the country in 2009. She is in charge of the carbon management and reduction programme implementing awareness schemes, rolling out a carbon champion scheme and installing innovative low carbon technologies across the estate. Alexis has worked on developing low to zero-emission ambulances with innovative low carbon fleet technologies.  She is facilitating the roll out the EV charging infrastructure for the ambulance service fleet on ambulance service sites as well as working with civic and other healthcare partners to ensure that additional infrastructure is implemented to support the service.  She is also investigating the challenges of decarbonising the ambulance service through renewable technologies, Net Zero ambulance station design, phasing out of Entonox and looking at alternative models of care.

Alexis has over 20 years of experience in the environmental field as an environmental consultant working on large national and international projects in the UK as well as Brazil, Germany, Mozambique and Australia. She took a career break and spent 3 years driving around the world in an ex-military ambulance, travelling overland to Australia and then travelling around South America.

Are you looking for your next exciting career opportunity? 

Check out the CAA Job Board on our website for information regarding current roles available within our member services and the wider ambulance sector.




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The Council of Ambulance Authorities is the peak industry body for Australian, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea statutory ambulance services. CAA represents a unified voice for the pre-hospital sector working to respond to changing community needs by collaborating on issues of metropolitan, regional, national and international significance. and works tirelessly to collaborate on the ambulance and pre-hospital issues of metropolitan, regional, national and international significance.

The CAA was set up in 1962 to provide ambulance service CEOs with a networking opportunity to discuss issues, learnings and achievements current to the pre-hospital industry. Today, the board consists of CEOs from each member service.

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